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Online Feng Shui Course.


With technology and the internet, you can now learn Authentic Chinese Classical Feng Shui :-

  • At an affordable fee.

  • At your own pace.

  • Without having to leave your home.

  • Without having to take leave from your work.

  • Without traveling and hotel accommodation expenses.

  • From the No 1 Chinese Feng Shui Trainer.


 (Course in English only)

Pre-requisite : Good knowledge of English


The complete syllabus of Basic Feng Shui Course 
Table of contents

Module 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: What is Feng Shui?

Chapter 2: Origin of Feng Shui

Chapter 3: Schools of Feng Shui

Module 2: Protective Feng Shui
Chapter 4: Annual Afflictions

Chapter 5: Wu Wang (5 Yellow)

Chapter 6: Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)

Chapter 7: Sam Sart (3 Killings)

Module 3: Principle & Fundamental of Feng Shui
Chapter 8: Tai Ji & Yin Yang

Chapter 9: Pa Kua

Chapter 10: Wu Xing

Module 4: Exterior Feng Shui
Chapter 11: Introduction to Exterior Feng Shui

Chapter 12: Land

Chapter 13: Mountain

Chapter 14: Exterior Feng Shui Tips

Chapter 15: Water

Chapter 16: Trinity of Luck & Water Feng Shui

Module 5: Interior Feng Shui
Chapter 17: Interior Feng Shui Tips

Chapter 18: Main door

Chapter 19: Bedroom

Chapter 20: Kitchen

Chapter 21: Other Built-Structures


Module 6 : 8-Mansions Personal Compass Formula
Chapter 22: Feng Shui Compass

Chapter 23: Introduction to Ming Gua

Chapter 24: Luo Shu

Chapter 25: Ming Gua Compass Formula

Chapter 26: Ming Gua Application

Module 7 : 8-Mansions House Kua Compass Formula
Chapter 27: Introduction to Eight Mansions

Chapter 28: Eight Mansions House Formula

Chapter 29: Enhancement and Remedy

Chapter 30: Eight Mansions Application

Chapter 31: How to Feng Shui a House using Eight Mansions


If your practice of Feng Shui sometime work and sometime don't, this is the course that you should not miss. 

If you wish to learn Feng Shui at your pace in the comfort of your home or your personal commitment does not allow you to travel for live classes, do not miss this course.

If you really serious about learning Authentic Chinese Feng Shui not taught in English before at an affordable fee, this is the course to take.

Regular Price = US$360

Enrol Now at US$180
Online Basic Feng Shui Course





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