Olympic Games Beijing 2008, China

Date Selected for Opening Ceremony


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   Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony - The XXIX Olympic Games

Beijing 2008 Olympic , China

Opening Ceremony of the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing is on the 8th August 2008.

08-08-08 is a beautiful number. The Chinese loves the number 8 as the Cantonese pronunciation of "8" sound like "prosperity". In Malaysia, my home country, car number plate, phone number, bank account number, house address, etc, with the number 8 or ending with an 8 is preferred and they are bought by Malaysian Chinese at a premium .

The number 08-08-08 though very special looking, I believe the Chinese would pick 8.00 am or 8.00pm to open the Beijing 2008 Olympic games giving another 8 to add significant to the date.

If the timing of 8.00 am is selected, it would be 08-08-08-08 (HR-DD-MM-YY). However, if the timing of 8.00 pm is selected, it would be 20-08-08-08 (HR-DD-MM-YY)

I believe the Chinese would not select the date and timing of such an important event as the opening ceremony without consulting their ancient Chinese Classical Astrology such as date selection technique from Feng Shui formula of Xuan Kong Da Gua or 4 Pillars of Destiny (Bazi / Paht Chee). Probably Yi Jing divination was also consulted so that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be the most successful ever for the Chinese Team and for the success of the Olympic Games.

The date selected is of course an auspicious day. Both timing of 8.00 am and 8.00 pm are auspicious. However, the timing of 8.00 pm is much more auspicious than 8.00 am. I believe the organising commitee would select 8.00 pm. Although 8.00 pm is the 20.00 hour instead of 8.00 am which is 8.00 hour.

The opening ceremony will most probably be at 8.00 pm on the 8th of August 2008. With the date selected, the Beijing 2008 Olympic will be the most famous Olympic games ever held. Let's wait and see.

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