The art of measuring, understanding, caring, maintaining and calibrating your feng shui compass or your feng shui Luo Pan is very important. 

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Tips on using a Compass

Below is the most basic any feng shui practitioner or feng shui master must know in their feng shui practice. More details of the art of using your feng shui compass or your feng shui Luo Pan will be taught in our feng shui courses. At our feng shui classes, 2 other methods in taking compass directional with high accuracy will be taught.

Taking Direction & the Compass

  • As a beginner you do not need to invest in a Feng Shui Luo Pan. What you really need is a good Western Compass for taking direction. A good compass is much better than a sub-standard Luo Pan.

  • Never practice by looking at the shadow of the Sun to determine direction.

Tips on using Compass

  • Hold your Compass at waist level. 

  • Make sure your Compass is level with the ground. 

  • The front of the Compass should be Parallel to the wall of the building or door that you are measuring. 

  • Turn the plate to align the North needle to the North marking of the Compass. 

  • Always take direction reading front outside the building whenever possible to be away from magnetic interference. 

  • Take your first direction reading at about 10 feet (3 metre) from the building. 

  • Take 3 to 5 more direction readings at about 15, 20, 25, & 30 feet from the building. 

  • Take the direction reading that shows up most. The other readings is probably because of magnetic interference. 

  • Stay away from metallic objects such as car, metal grill, fencing, fan, radio, etc. 

  • Watch out for belt buckle, hand phone, high tension cable, etc.

If you have a Luo Pan, the steps are the same as above. The Luo Pan is a Feng Shui tools with a compass in the center and many rings of Feng Shui formula. The rings of the Luo Pan is useless unless someone teaches you the embedded codes.

Below are pictures of a traditional Chinese and a Luo Pan with the rings decoded in English.

A traditional Chinese Luo Pan

An English decoded Modern Luo Pan

A must view video for all my Feng Shui and Bazi students or
anyone interested to know more about Feng Shui or Bazi.

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