Important tips on how to hire a feng shui consultant for effective Feng Shui advise and recommendation


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  Tips on hiring a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Within the past two decades, Feng Shui has become increasingly popular. This living skill continues to gain acceptance and credibility. There are a proliferation in Feng Shui schools and practitioners all over the world. If you are thinking of using a professional Feng Shui consultant, below are some guidelines which may assist you to select the right feng Shui consultant.
  1. The Feng Shui consultant must be a certified practitioner from a well-known school of Chinese Classical Feng Shui. Chinese Classical Feng Shui is based on formula and is not a spiritual, religious or magical practice.
  2. The Feng Shui consultant must have Feng Shui knowledge of both the 8-mansion compass and flying star formula. If he uses either one of them, he may overlook vital aspect in his assessment and recommendation.
  3. The Feng Shui consultant must explain to you what feng shui formula he is using to audit your home or office. Avoid those that uses his personal vision or “6th sense” to audit your home or office.
  4. The Feng Shui consultant must be well versed with 4 Pillars of Destiny (BAZI) so that he is capable of incorporating your Heaven’s luck analysis into his Feng Shui recommendations. The combined analysis of both the Heaven’s and Earth’s luck  will reveal finer vital information to improved the client's luck.

  5. The Feng Shui consultant must be able to do auspicious date selection for you to move-in or start renovation. It is even more important that the Feng Shui consultant knows how to select a date for you to activate your wealth spot to ensure greater and faster impact of his recommendation.
  6. The Feng Shui consultant must give you a full written report on the good and bad location of your home or office with practical and sensible recommendations to activate the wealth spot and remedy the afflicted areas. A good Feng Shui consultant will not make unreasonable costly recommendations or suggestions.
  7. The Feng Shui consultation must include follow-up visits by the Feng Shui consultant to audit the implementation and result of his recommendations.
  8. The Feng Shui consultant should provide follow-up support and annual update services for a nominal fee.

    I hope this article helps your search for a reliable Feng Shui consultant.



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