Good Feng Shui
Good External Feng Shui Water formation & Good External Feng Shui Mountain formation are the two most important feng shui settings
for good feng shui property that attracts abundance of good feng shui wealth and good feng shui people luck.

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Good Feng Shui -  Good Feng Shui Water & Good Feng Shui Mountain settings for abundance and lasting good feng shui luck

Good External Water feng shui location for Wealth luck

For the year between 2004 to 2024, it is very good feng shui settings to have :

real beautiful water such as a natural lake or pond towards the South West of your house externally.

and real beautiful mountains or hills towards the North East of your house externally.

This fgood feng shui settings bring abundance and lasting wealth to the people living in the house for this period (between 2004 to 2024).



If there is good feng shui water found outside a business premise towards the South West, it is also good feng shui and a very fortunate setting for businesses. This good feng shui setting will maintain existing customers for the business.

It will be very unfortunate or bad feng shui for the house or business premise if there is a real mountain instead of water towards the South West, and there is real water in the North East instead of mountain.

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