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 8-Mansion Feng Shui - Wealth Qi Direction

Chinese Solar (Hsia) Calendar & Li Chun

Solar calendar charts the tropical year through the various seasons to serve the farmers. It is used in Feng Shui, Four Pillars astrology (BAZI), and in date selection.

Solar calendar measures the position of earth on the plane of the Earth's annual revolution around the Sun. The first day of Chinese Solar year is Li Chun. It is the Beginning of Spring. Li Chun falls on the first day of Yin month, which falls usually on 4th or 5th of February.

For those people born on Li Chun days, please take the hour of birth into consideration. Please take note whether your birth is before or after Li Chun. If your hour is before the Li Chun hour, you are considered born in the previous year. For example, if you are a female born on 3rd Feb 1951, your wealth qi direction is SE (Marked in red below)

The table below shows the starting date and time for a new solar year. 8-Mansions Compass formula determine your fortunate directions based on your gender and year of birth.

For example, if you are a male born on the 8th March 1950, your wealth qi direction is NE (Marked in white in the table below). If your are a female, born on the 8th March 1950, your wealth qi direction is SE (Marked in red in the table below).

Li Chun Date Li Chun Time Female
Wealth Qi
Wealth Qi
4th Feb 1950 17:21 SE NE
4th Feb 1951 23:14 NE N
5th Feb 1952 04:53 S S
4th Feb 1953 10:46 N NE
4th Feb 1954 16:31 SW SE
4th Feb 1955 21:18 W E
5th Feb 1956 04:12 NW SW
4th Feb 1957 09:55 SW NW
4th Feb 1958 15:49 E W
4th Feb 1959 21:42 SE NE
5th Feb 1960 03:24 NE N
4th Feb 1961 09:22 S S
4th Feb 1962 15:18 N NE
4th Feb 1963 21:08 SW SE
5th Feb 1964 03:05 W E
4th Feb 1965 08:46 NW SW
4th Feb 1966 14:38 SW NW
4th Feb 1967 20:31 E W
5th Feb 1968 02:08 SE NE
4th Feb 1969 07:59 NE N
4th Feb 1970 13:46 S S
4th Feb 1971 19:26 N NE
5th Feb 1972 13:20 SW SE
4th Feb 1973 07:04 W E
4th Feb 1974 13:00 NW SW
4th Feb 1975 18:59 SW NW
5th Feb 1976 00:40 E W
4th Feb 1977 06:34 SE NE
4th Feb 1978 12:27 NE N
4th Feb 1979 18:13 S S
5th Feb 1980 00:10 N NE
4th Feb 1981 05:56 SW SE
4th Feb 1982 11:46 W E
4th Feb 1983 17:40 NW SW
4th Feb 1984 11:19 SW NW
4th Feb 1985 05:12 E W
4th Feb 1986 11:09 SE NE
4th Feb 1987 16:52 NE N
4th Feb 1988 22:43 S S
4th Feb 1989 04:27 N NE
4th Feb 1990 10:15 SW SE
4th Feb 1991 16:08 W E
4th Feb 1992 21:48 NW SW
4th Feb 1993 03:38 SW NW
4th Feb 1994 09:31 E W
4th Feb 1995 15:14 SE NE
4th Feb 1996 21:08 NE N
4th Feb 1997 03:04 S S
4th Feb 1998 08:53 N NE
4th Feb 1999 14:42 SW SE
4th Feb 2000 20:32 W E
4th Feb 2001 02:20 NW SW
4th Feb 2002 08:08 SW NW
4th Feb 2003 13:57 E W
4th Feb 2004 19:58 SE NE
4th Feb 2005 01:45 NE N
4th Feb 2006 07:29 S S
4th Feb 2007 13:20 N NE
4th Feb 2008 19:02 SW SE
4th Feb 2009 00:51 W E
4th Feb 2010 06:49 NW SW
4th Feb 2011 12:34 SW NW
4th Feb 2012 18:40 E W
4th Feb 2013 00:31 SE NE
4th Feb 2014 06:27 NE N
4th Feb 2015 12:09 S S
4th Feb 2016 18:00 N NE
3rd Feb 2017 23:49 SW SE
4th Feb 2018 05:38 W E

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