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The "Magic Gourd" commonly known as the Calabash  or Wu Lo                                          

The Magic Gourd commonly known as the calabash or Wu Lo is an ancient health miracle wonder. The dried out gourd is used by the Chinese as container for medicine and wines for a long time.

                        The Magic Gourd


               Calabash (Wu Lo)                                   Dui Trigram

Calabash (Wu Lo) is an ancient classical Feng Shui remedy against sickness energy. The calabash symbolises the image of Dui trigram which is yin metal from heaven.

Sickness energy in the flying stars feng shui formula has the attribute of earth element. The calabash being yin metal will weaken and contain the sickness energy, hence providing health for you and your family.

When place next to your bed or in the house, the calabash will absorb the sickness energy and protect you and your family from sickness. For people with illness, the calabash may not cure the sickness but it will definitely reduce suffering and the seriousness.

Today, there are many miniature metallic calabash available in feng shui shops. However, the best calabash (Wu Lo) is the natural one because of the woody material. Wood will keep the contained earth energy under control.

Special Tips : Calabash works best without any red colored items attached to it such as a red ribbon or painting. It is best in golden color. Calabash must be hollow and has a hole to absorb the sickness energy.


Making the magic gourd - calabash


Drying the magic gourd -calabash


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