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Office Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Career & Business Profit

This article provide you the feng shui art of placement of your office desk and hence your sitting orientation in relation to your office layout for a successful career and profitability of your business whether you work in a large corporate office, home office or a soho.

The arrangement of our office table in relation to the door of our office room is very important in feng shui perspective to attract and retain fortunate energy for the success of the occupant of the office for a successful career or business profit.

Most office design has a beautiful window view on one side and the door to the office on the opposite side. With such common layout design, it is very common for most people to sit with the window behind them so that they can face the door. This is bad feng shui arrangement

To be successful in your career, you have to arrange so that you do not sit with the window behind you. Without a solid wall behind your sitting arrangement, you would not receive the needed support from your superiors, peers or subordinates which is so important for the success of any career person.

Try to arrange your sitting with a solid wall behind you to gain the needed support for a successful career. Let the beautiful window view be at one side of your office working desk.

To enjoy additional feng shui benefits for a successful career, you should take into consideration your facing direction with 8-Mansion Compass Formula and the location of your office desk and office door with Flying Stars Feng Shui.  

Besides the feng shui arrangement below for an office, do not sit under an over-head beam or face any sharp corners of walls.


Bad Office Feng Shui


Do not sit with the office window behind you.

Sitting in this position will have no or lack of support from your superior, peers or subordinates.


Bad Office Feng Shui


Do not sit with the office door behind you.

Sitting in this position create betrayal, finger-pointing office politic, back-stabbing and lack of support.


Bad Office Feng Shui

Do not face the office door directly.

When you sit facing the office door directly, you are in the direct line of Qi which is too strong. This is sha qi or killing energy which will bring unfortunate energy.


Good Office Feng Shui

A Good feng shui arrangement for the office:

  • Sit with a solid wall behind you to have lots of support from your superior.

  • Not facing the office door

  • Office door is not behind you.

  • You should be able to see what is going on at the office door so that you are in command of situation.

  • There is a open space (bright hall or "ming tang") immediate after the office door.


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