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Water Feng Shui - Special Water Formation

There are various water formations that denote a good circulation of qi. Avoid areas that have negative water formations since the qi that comes in is already negative.

Auspicious water formations are Jade Belt Water, Curve Water, Converging Water Formation and Cascading Water.

Negative water formations are Bow Formation, Cutting Feet Water and Piercing Shoulder Water.

In feng shui, having a correctly located natural water form is the most powerful feature that can enhance income and wealth. When there is an absence of exterior natural water form, the exterior artificial water form could be created to activate wealth luck.

When there is an absence of exterior water form because your house does not have the extra land or garden, the interior water form could play an important role in activating wealth luck.

Note that it is important that the water form must be yang water in feng shui terminology.

Note that buildings can be substituted for mountains while roads, highways, junction, and roundabout are modern equivalent of rivers or virtual water.


Jade Belt Water is highly favorable, where water curves around the property and circulates around the property. It is sentimental water which is very auspicious for wealth. Face the Jade Belt water or road to direct the qi to your property.


Curve Water
leading up to your home is very favorable, where qi is very smooth and circulates around the property. The curving and meandering water produces sentimental water, which is very auspicious for wealth. In addition, properties that are built around Nine Curve Water are normally sold expensive. Note that this feature can also be seen in terms of roads.


Water converging
into One Formation is auspicious water formation, where three or four sources of water converged to become one. It denotes multiple sources of income, and good qi gathers at your property. A roundabout is the Four Water converging into One Formation.

Note that a junction is considered as water cutting across each other instead of Water converging into One Formation.


Cascading Water comes from a slightly high level towards the house. It brings qi into the house, and depends on which sector it flows into. Cascading Water is naturally formed water, and could not be made. Therefore, no such roads could be found.


Bow Formation
is a negative form of water flow. Note that the Jade Belt Water actually curves around the property and circulates around the property. In contrast, the Bow Formation is directed straight at the property, and cuts into the property, causing damage to the qi. Therefore, avoid any property that has this kind of water formation or road feature.


Cutting Feet Water refers to water form that moves fast in a straight line. A drain that runs parallel in front, behind and on the left or right sides of the building are known as cutting feet water. Anyway, if the cutting feet water is not visible from your main door, it would not be an issue. Avoid Cutting Water or such road feature in front, behind and on the left or right sides of the building.

Piercing Shoulder Water
is a negative form. Water flowing down periodically beside the mountain, which is located behind your house is known as Piercing Shoulder Water. It could cause illness, fertility problems and lack of support at work due to the weak mountain.
Merciless Water
is a negative form, where water gushes out of the property very quickly. In other words, water that runs further away from you are generally Merciless Water. For example, a sloping road in front of your house that causes water to run down quickly when raining, is considered as Merciless Water. Bow Formation Water and Cutting Feet Water are considered as Merciless Water.


Sentimental Water
is auspicious water, where gently curving meandering water flows smoothly. It is contradictory to the Merciless Water where it crosses directly in front of your property or crossing in a straight line. Sentimental Water gently crosses the front of your property. Examples of Sentimental Water are Jade Belt Water, Nine Curve Water and Cascading Water.

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