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  How to tap your "Tien Yi" (Health) Luck According To 8-Mansions Compass Formula

If you or your family members are constantly in poor health situation or are troubled by illnesses, this article will show you how you can tap your "Tien Yi" (health) luck according to 8-mansions compass formula to improve your health.

Under the 8-mansions compass formula, everyone has a health luck direction based on their year of birth and gender. To know your health luck direction, you have to first find out your Kua number.

The formula to calculate your Kua number or Ming Gua is shown below:

If you are born in the year 1957,
First add up the digit of your year of birth,  1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22
For any resultant number larger then 9, add up the digit again,  2 + 2 =  4
Your final answer here is 4.  But this is not your Kua number yet.

For male, use the formula 11 minus the answer found above,
i.e. 11 - 4 = 7 (This is your Kua Number).

For female, use the formula 4 plus the answer found above,
i.e.   4 + 4 = 8 (This is your Kua Number).

Once you have your Kua number, use the table below to find out your personal health (Tien Yi) direction.

Kua Number

Health (Tien Yi) Direction

1 (East Group)


2 (West Group)


3 (East Group)


4 (East Group)


5 (West Group)

West (For Male)

NorthWest  (For Female)

6 (West Group)


7 (West Group)


8 (West Group)


9 (East Group)


To tap for health luck

1) sit facing your health direction when you are having your meals

2) sit facing your health direction when you are reading your newspaper or watching your television program.

3) orientate your office door direction to face your health direction.

4) orientate your main door of your home to face your health direction

5) sleep with your head pointed towards your health direction.

6) have your gas inlet of your kitchen stove pointed to your health direction.

Facing your health direction will improve your health luck. 

In ancient times, Chinese use gourds as container for water, wine and medicine. The "Wu Lo"  or calabash would bring good health to your entire family and long healthy life to elderly people in your home. This symbol will bring speedy recovery for the sick and hospitalized person. This is a perfect gift for the sick or your hospitalized friends or relatives.

Place/hang a "Wu Lo" in your "Tien Yi" location of your homes (Never in the toilet) to create good health energy and dissolving bad chi.

Place/hang two "Wu Lo" on both sides of the bed of a sick person accelerate recovery.

Place/hang "Wu Lo" in the bedroom (or by the bed) to ensure any health problems is prevented.


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