Wu Wang, the 5 yellow star is one of the most evil star
that changes its location annually.

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Wu Wang (5 Yellow) Flying Star Feng Shui most evil Star

Wu Wang, the most evil earth star

In Flying Star Feng Shui, an annual star visits each sector of the house every year. The annual visiting star changes location every year particularly at the beginning of the solar year, and it stays in that particular sector of the Bagua for the rest of the year.

In protective feng shui, most importantly, you should know the location of annual star 5. This is because the annual star 5 is currently the most evil star, and you should not disturb it. The annual visiting star number 5 of flying star Feng Shui is known as the Five Yellow. It is also known as Wu Wang in Chinese. Wu Wang is an earth element affliction. When it is disturbed, it brings financial loss, obstacles to success and obstacles in relationship, severe illness and accidents.

Note that the annual visiting star 5 is a time star that changes location every year. In addition, there are other visiting time stars such as the month star, day star and the hour star. The monthly visiting star 5 changes location every month, and the daily visiting star 5 changes location every day. When you know the flying star flight path, you can calculate and identify the visiting star location for any moment. The visiting stars can be located by super-imposing a Bagua map onto a house. Each visiting time star will occupy a sector of the Bagua. In other words, each visiting star occupies 45 degrees sector of your house.


What to do with Wu Wang? 

Prevention is better than cure. 

Rule 1: No Water Placement

Do not have any form of water at the Wu Wang sector. Yang Water will activate Wu Wang by bringing out its evil energy causing great misfortune.

Rule 2: Do not disturb

Disturb here means vibrating the floor or the walls. You should not disturb the location where the evil star 5 visits. Do not vibrate the floor or the walls of that sector in your house. Disturbing the sector where Wu Wang visits will cause the release of the evil energy of Wu Wang, thereby causing great misfortune.

  • If possible, do not use that sector where Wu Wang visits, as your presence could activate it as well.

  • If you need to use that sector, use the space quietly. Open or close the door softly and gently to reduce the bad vibration of the door, wall and floor. The action of slamming the door would cause more negative energy to be vibrated out, making it more disastrous.

  • Do not disturb the sector by digging, drilling, hammering, knocking, etc. In short, do not renovate the sector, which is occupied by Wu Wang. Any renovation should be postponed until Wu Wang visits another sector. However, if there is a need to repair a faulty household appliance such as the water pipe, precautions should be taken. A special date should be selected to carry out the repairing work, in order to minimize the negative effect of Wu Wang.

  • Do not let your children play in the sector, which is occupied by Wu Wang, especially when his action causes the vibration of the walls or floor. For example, do not let your children play basketball at that sector, as playing basketball by bouncing the ball to the floor could cause the vibration of the floor.

  • If you are not sure whether your act of renovation would disturb Wu Wang, please consult a professional feng shui master. Otherwise, it is advisable that you do not do anything to disturb it.

Rule 3: Keep away onjects that emits Fire element

  • Do not have red carpet, red furniture, red curtain or any objects in red within that sector. This is because red emits fire element, which strengthens the earth energy of Wu Wang, making the evil energy stronger.

  • Do not have pointed objects or triangular shaped objects within the sector, which is occupied by Wu Wang. Sharp pointed objects or triangular objects emit strong fire energy.

  • Keep the lights dimmed, or switch off the lights for best practice.

Rule 4: Remedies

Note that remedies are a precaution to reduce the negative impact. In other words, remedies only assist in reducing the negative impact, not to eliminate the negative impact. Always keep all the remedies clean as dust on remedies could decrease the effectiveness of cures. Keep the sector uncluttered as well.

Basically, Wu Wang is earth element in nature. Metal element cures are used to reduce Wu Wang’s earth energy, as metal energy can weaken the earth energy of Wu Wang.



Remedy 1 : Five-Element Pagoda

Unlike the Pi Yao and those Qi Lins, the Five-Element Pagoda could be placed in the bedroom or bathroom. You may have more than one unit of Five-Element Pagoda as remedy. It is suggested that you unscrew its top to fill it with your garden’s soil or the soil from your potted plant, and then screw it back. Next, you fill up the bottom part with soil from a good and healthy Feng Shui House.

In short, have your soil at the top, and other people’s good feng shui soil at the bottom, so that your earth controls his earth. In other words, yours sits in heaven, and his sits on earth.

Next, note that if there is a character “Chien” on the Five-Element Pagoda, it will be more effective. Chien is the three horizontal yang lines, which symbolizes heaven and metal. Note that Wu Wang is an exiled emperor, and he is so nasty and fierce that he is not afraid of anything. However, Wu Wang, the emperor, only bounds down to heaven, and only obeys heaven. Therefore, the character Chien acts as a reminder of heaven to Wu Wang, so that Wu Wang behaves, and be less nasty to reduce the negative impact.


Symbol of Trigram Chien


Remedy 2 : Chiming Clock

A chiming clock, which is used for reducing the negative effect of Wu Wang, should have a round golden pendulum that moves in a harmonic motion, and strikes regularly. The regular striking sound must be produced by a metal hammer striking on a metallic stripe or coil i.e metal hitting another metal producing metallic sound.

The harmonic motion of the golden (round is heaven) pendulum, symbolizes the presence of heaven, and the heaven is always watching over Wu Wang. When the clock strikes, the sound of metal produced is the energy from heaven. It acts as a regular reminder of heaven to Wu Wang since Wu Wang only bounds down to heaven.


Remedy 3 : Six Rod metal Wind Chime

Metal wind chime is a common metal cure for earth-afflicted energy. In selecting a metal wind chime to reduce the negative effect of Wu Wang, make sure that you get one that has 6 hollow metallic rods. Next, make sure that the sound of metal is produced by another object striking the rods when there is wind. It would be more effective if the metal object is a round coin with the symbol of chien trigram. Note that number six symbolizes heaven or Chien, and the metal sound produced acts as a reminder to Wu Wang from heaven.

Remedy 4 : Other Metal cures

Other metal cures such as the metallic bell, brass bowl, singing bowl, golden coins, six golden CDs, piano music and any other golden or white objects are applicable and useful to pacify Wu Wang.

Note: In using a metal object as remedy to Wu Wang, the sound of metal, and the light reflection of the metallic object are important. Keep the metal surface of the remedies well polished, so that there is shining light reflection. Next, do not place the remedy in an enclosure such as in a box or in a cabinet. 



Making use of Wu Wang to bring Wealth

In the Yin Yang theory, anything positive will have a little negative in it, and vice versa. Wu Wang, by being the most evil star, also have a good side in it, which is the most fortunate. Wu Wang, being the strongest star, can be used to bring great fortune and tremendous benefit, if we know how to tap into their positive side. A true Feng Shui master will understand this, and knows how to tap into the fortunate side of Wu Wang.  

Wu Wang is also known as Wu Kwai, the 5 ghosts. Bringing fortune by using Wu Wang, is one of the most popular secret of the “5 ghosts carry wealth” feng shui formula. This is one feng shui method that can bring fast and tremendous amount of wealth to people. But, if implemented incorrectly, the negative impact can be disastrous. 

Wu Wang and site selection

In site selection, Wu Wang is used to locate the Zheng Shen (Holy 1) or Ling Shen (Holy 0) location of the most vibrant “Dragon”.










During period 8 (2004 to 2023), North East is occupied by the Period Mountain Star 5. The Heaven Heart (Center Palace) of the Luo Shu is occupied by the ruling period Star 8. Note that Mountain Star is Yin, therefore, the period Mountain Star follows the Yin Path. Flying reverse path, the Period Mountain Star 5 is allocated the North East sector. So, North East is where Yin Wu Wang or the “Mountain Dragon 5” is located for 20 years during period 8.












During period 8 (2004 to 2023), South West is occupied by the Period Water Star 5. The Heaven Heart (Center Palace) of the Luo Shu is occupied by the ruling period Star 8. Note that Water Star is Yang, therefore, the period Water Star follows the Yang Path. Flying forward path, the Period Water Star 5 is allocated the South West sector. So, South West is where Yang Wu Wang or the “Water Dragon 5” is located for 20 years during period 8.


Hence, for a site to be fortunate during period 8, there must be real mountain to the North East of a site for the “Mountain Dragon” and there must be real water towards the South West of a site for the “Water Dragon”.

During period 8, cities, towns, country and houses with such a setting will prosper and the people will be blessed with fortunate happenings.


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