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Chinese Feng Shui Compass - Luo Pan decoded in English
for Xuan Kong Feng Shui Masters and Practitioners.

If you are a Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioner on Flying Star Feng Shui and/or Da Gua Feng Shui school, this is the Luo Pan that will enhance your practice, image and professionalism.

The formulae are all on the Luo Pan:_

  • No more referring to Star charts or tables during an audit.
  • No more complicated Chinese characters that you don't understand
  • Most useful for Chinese and non-Chinese Practitioners.


Chinese Compass

        The Feng Shui Luo Pan has the following rings:-

  • High quality compass.
  • Early Heaven Bagua (Xin Tian Bagua)
  • Later Heaven Bagua (Hou Tian Bagua)
  • Replacement Stars for Flying Star
  • 24 Mountains of Flying Star
  • Melodic Elements (Na Yin Wu Xing)
  • 120 Bags of Gold
  • Period 7 Star Charts
  • Period 8 Star Charts
  • 64 Hexagrams for Da Gua
  • Period of Hexagrams
  • 384 Yao Fen Jin
  • Degree Marking


Luo Pan by Master TY Tan


Product code : 10 inch XK Luo Pan
Size = 10 x 10 x 1/2 inch
The Luo Pan will be delivered with a user guide.

(Temporary out-of-stock)


Review from Buyer

Thank you very much Master Tan for designing a Luo Pan for non-Chinese practitioners like me.

The decodes especially the flying star charts are very practical for my feng shui audit job.

I do not have to fly the stars anymore thus avoiding human error.I also do not have to refer to a book or star chart table and my clients were very impressed with my professionalism as every formula are decoded on the Luo Pan.

The quality of compass also gave me very accurate reading. Thank you.
James Choo, Malaysia


A Feng Shui Master's skill is as good as his skill in using his Luo Pan and the quality of his Luo Pan.

Master TY Tan

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Return Policy for Luo Pan:-
  • All Luo Pan purchase do not have a return policy and no refund of purchase price will be entertained.
  • All Luo Pan purchase has a 7 days warranty period from manufacturing defects.
  • Customer has to check that the Luo Pan is in proper working condition upon receiving it.
  • If there is any manufacturing defect, customer has to inform us within 7 days of receipt of the Luo Pan for replacement.
  • Once we have approved a replacement unit, customer has to return the Luo Pan with the use of the original packaging material.  
  • Customer shall not return the Luo Pan before our approval.
  • A handling charge of US$100 will be charged to customer for a replacement unit.
  • A replacement unit will be send to customer within 7 days of receiving the Luo Pan and the US100 handling charge at our end.
  • After a period of 7 days, customer's purchase is considered final and the Luo Pan is not returnable.

We are a seller of handcrafted Luo Pan for Flying Star and Da Gua Feng Shui practitioners and masters.

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