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Do Bazi Life Reading in 3 days !

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The Bazi course is taught in English and is suitable for Bazi beginners or Bazi practitioners. The Bazi course consists of lectures in Bazi theory, Bazi case studies, Bazi practical on birth chart reading and there will be Bazi tutorial in between Bazi lecture sessions. You would be amazed that Bazi birth chart reading is so easy and can be so helpful in your practice of feng shui. 


Paht Chee (Bazi) : The Chinese Art of of Destiny reading for "survival, manifestation and great achievement" in life.

Learning Paht Chee (Bazi).
The art of Paht Chee (Bazi) may be simple to learn but it is not easy to practice. For those who have attended a seminar or course on Paht Chee (Bazi) would know what I mean here. Because of this, I have designed the course into 2 modules.

Module 1 : Paht Chee (Bazi) Course (3 days)
This module is for beginners who wish to start reading a birth chart in 3 days. You will be amazed that you are able to read you own or any other birth chart after the 3 days class. A simple Bazi decoding method devised by TY Tan will be taught and reading birth chart will be a simple task. There will be tutorial session after every lecture for students to fully understand each chapter before proceeding to a new chapter.

This module will provide students with all the necessary basic knowledge based on "Zi Ping" Bazi. 

This module will cover the following topics with practical examples and case studies:-

  1. Basic Knowledge
  2. Heavenly Stems
  3. Earthly Branches & Hidden Stems
  4. Plotting the 4 Pillars
  5. Six Gods (Liu Shen)
  6. 12 stages of Life
  7. Principle of Equilibrium
  8. Useful (Yong Shen) & Annoying (Ji Shen) Gods
  9. Stem Clashes & Combinations
  10. Branch Clashes & Combinations
  11. The ten gods
  12. Luck Periods
  13. Annual Luck

Paht Chee (Bazi) Class - March 2009

Paht Chee (Bazi) Class - March 2009

Paht Chee (Bazi) Class - Sept 2009
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Why study with TY Tan

If you want real teaching,
not some lecture dressed up as a real class.

If you want to have all your doubts answered,
not just apply what you are told.

If you want a worthwhile learning experience,
with lots of case studies and practical

If you want an in-depth knowledge of the subject,
as nothing is held back.

If you want a solid foundation and
new insights into what you already knew.

If you wish to only pay for your studies,
and not for luxurious and long tea-break
or expensive 5 stars hotel conference room.

If you have only training in your mind,
and not just attending another update seminar. 

If you want personal attention,
as all classes are kept small
to ensure sufficient time is provided for Q & A session.
Enroll early to avoid disappointment.


All Courses
are conducted in
English by TY Ta


The No. 1 Feng Shui Training & Consulting Centre

 Course Venue : Lecture Room
63A, Jalan PU7/4,
Taman Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Tel: 018-38 128 38


Puchong is a major suburb town near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Module 1
Paht Chee (Bazi) Class : 

(Course schedule to-be-announced)


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