Business Feng Shui for business premises
such as corporate offices, small offices, retail stores, shops or factories

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This series of articles is about business feng shui for business premises for business operation.

Business feng shui formula is different from residential feng shui formula. In business feng shui, the focus is on 'yang' Qi. The use of 'yin' Qi is not applicable. It is 'yang' Qi management and the use of 'yang' Qi in business processes to attain high efficiency and effectiveness.

Hopefully this article will help you to find your ideal business premise feng shui such as corporate offices, small offices, retail stores, shops or factories. Good Luck.

Business Feng Shui

Increase Your Concentration, Productivity, Prosperity and Abundance

Business_Feng_ShuiWould you like your business to be more prosperous - making profit and no cashflow problem?

Would you like a more harmonious work environment that supports you and the people you work with?

How to increase your concentration and productivity in work?

What to do when your staffs do not get along? 

Location, Location, Location

Location_Feng_Shui If you are a real estate investor, you would be most familiar with the 3 most important factors of property investment "Location, location, location". In Feng Shui, these factors are also significant. Wherever you choose to buy or rent a house or a business premise, the location is the most important factor.

This sound the same in my house hunting for a good residential property. But, the principle of feng shui on the 'yin yang' aspect is different. The way the external mountain and water (yin yang) is tap is different.

Location is important, as the external landscape is something that you cannot change. Fortunately, you can enhance or cure the feng shui of your business premise by changing the interior layout of your office or factory. Sometime, a major renovation is needed and this is going to be expensive and messy. Plus, all the delay and heart-ache. But, any correction you make, is trying to avoid "sha qi" to improve the feng shui of your business premise. You cannot move external mountains or water body or create external mountains and water bodies to create "sheng qi". In short, you can correct the landscape within your business premise, but you cannot change the external surrounding and landscape.

Anyway, what shall we examine about the external surrounding and landscape?

Firstly, get a map of the area, where the business premise is located. The map should show the hills, roads, rivers and other important features in feng shui. Roughly mark out a 3km radius boundary around the property. Then, drive around within a 3km radius of the property to observe the environmental forms that may affect the quality of qi in the area.

If you are internet savvy, "google earth" is a very useful tool that can assist you. Google earth will show you mountains, water, and structures that you will miss out.


Avoid irregular shaped property

Feng_Shui_shapeFirst of all, get a regular shaped business property with regular shaped office rooms. Besides increasing work productivity, you can also apply compass formula more effectively in a regular shaped business property.

Note that if the missing sector does not constitute more than one-third of the section, then it is not considered as a missing sector. When there is a missing sector, check what represents the missing sector trigram. Each irregular shape sector has to be analysed separately.


Have open center

Basically, we should not trap the heaven’s heart, which is the center of the office. Any “room” including the toilet, storeroom, staircase, meeting room, office room or any body of water should not be at the center of the office. An open center will let qi flow freely.

Feng_Shui       Feng_Shui      Feng_Shui


Lastly, refer to all the business feng shui articles for comprehensive explanation and description. I explained thoroughly about what makes a good main entrance or a main door, and what makes a good office room feng shui setting. Position the office furniture to encourage a smooth flow of qi or energy.

Remember do not overlook your reception area, office lobby and desk area as well. I also included the new business premise hunting tips for those who want to seek for a new business location or to move into new business location.


If you have a good business model and strategies and you have wrked very hard and smart, but, your business is still not making you a profit and you face cashflow problem regularly, why not fix it with feng shui.

If your business is already profitable because of good business and marketing strategies, your business efficiency and effectiveness could be further enhanced with the use of the invisible Qi of Feng Shui to improve, retain and sustain your profitability and cashflow.

Master TY Tan can be contacted by Tel : 018 - 38 128 38 for an appointment for a free preliminary discussion.

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