Business Feng Shui for business premises
such as corporate offices, small offices, retail stores, shops or factories

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This series of articles is about business feng shui for business premises for business operation.

Business feng shui formula is different from residential feng shui formula. In business feng shui, the focus is on 'yang' Qi. The use of 'yin' Qi is not applicable. It is 'yang' Qi management and the use of 'yang' Qi in business processes to attain high efficiency and effectiveness.

Hopefully this article will help you to find your ideal business premise feng shui such as corporate offices, small offices, retail stores, shops or factories. Good Luck.

Business Feng Shui - Water & Mountain

Buildings act as virtual mountain

For exterior feng shui, buildings are virtual mountains while roads and highways are modern equivalent of rivers i.e. virtual rivers. Hence, buildings and roads influence the feng shui of a space or your business premise. 

Road as virtual river

Road acts as river and vehicles acts as water.

Cities have qi movement and qi reflection that are chaotic and unpredictable as more buildings and roads are built. Traffic flows are re-planed and diverted regularly.


These add to changes in qi flow and qi settlement, hence  making external feng shui change frequently which resulted in rise and fall of business organisations.

For interior feng shui, note that the furniture such as a wall cabinets, partitions, tables, cupboard, sofa and others are equivalent to mountains.

Besides the interior water feature, the open spaces are considered as virtual water. Pathways act as river and human traffic act as water. Hence the flow of qi and it take an experienced feng shui master to sees the way qi flows and settles inside a business premise.

The way an office is planned and the layout directs human activities which resulted in qi flows and settlement,

Note that a moving elevator is also equivalent to a moving river in a shopping centre. The elevator acts as river and human traffic acts as water. If the elevator is moving towards your shop or office, there is qi moving towards your business premise. However, if the qi that is coming towards your business premise if fortunate, your business will prosper. How your business prospers will depend on the ype of qi coming to your premise. On the other hand, if the on-coming  qi is unfortunate, your business will be doomed, and your business fails the type of qi will tell the story.


If you have a good business model and strategies and you have worked very hard and smart, but, your business is still not making you a profit and you face cashflow problem regularly, why not fix it with feng shui.

If your business is already profitable because of good business and marketing strategies, your business efficiency and effectiveness could be further enhanced with the use of the invisible Qi of Feng Shui to improve, retain and sustain your profitability and cashflow.

Master TY Tan can be contacted by Tel : 018 - 38 128 38 for an appointment for a free preliminary discussion.

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