Common mistakes to avoid in Feng Shui


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  Common mistakes to avoid in Feng Shui
  • Using red to enhance your wealth luck

The color red is fire qi and is not a qi to enhance wealth luck. During period 8 (2004 to 2024) having red at a certain place may enhance wealth star but when place in the wrong place may enhance sickness or misfortune star. Be cautious in using red unless you know precisely what you are doing.

Chinese people likes to hang red lantern or red banner to celebrate a special occasion like Chinese New Year or wedding. To some houses this is very fortunate. To others this is very unfortunate.

  • Using water to enhance your wealth luck

Be cautious in using water such as an aquarium or water fountain unless you know precisely what you are doing. Water is the strongest feng shui activator and remedy. Water will activate both good and bad qi. It can bring both fortune or misfortune very fast depending on which star you are activating or deactivating.

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