Date Selection for special occasion or event
Success or Failure of an event highly depends on timing or date selection to start the event

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Feng Shui - Date Selection

The Chinese for generations believe there are 3 types of luck (Trinity of Lucks), namely :

Heaven Luck (Tien Chai)
When you are born will determine your Heaven Luck.
This is the timing factor. Being at the right timing is an important factor.

Earth Luck (Ti Chai)
Earth luck relates to the kind of luck your surroundings affect you which is widely known as "Feng Shui".  This is the space or place factor. Being at the right place is an important factor.

Mankind Luck (Ren Chai)
Mankind luck is created by your behavior and attitude towards life, as well as the many decisions you make along your journey in life. This is the human action factor. Doing the right thing is the other important factor.

Having all three factors are important i.e.to be successful you've to be at the right place, at the right time and doing the right thing. Date selection is the art of selecting the right timing after analysis of your Heaven Luck form your birth chart using BAZI (4 Pillars of Destiny)

In Chinese Astrology, the selection of an auspicious time for your important events is very important if you wish to be successful or to ensure smooth implementation of a new venture/project. 

From BAZI (4 Pillars of Destiny) analysis, we can select your most auspicious dates & time to carry out the important events of your life such as:

  • Moving House
  • Start Renovation
  • Start a new project
  • Installing a new Door
  • Opening New Business
  • Activating Water Feature
  • Setting Bed for baby Luck
  • Business Moving to New Premise
  • When to have your wedding ceremony
  • Lucky day selection report for 3 months

Choosing an auspicious date & time makes the difference.

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