Feng Shui for Descendent Luck
If having a baby is your life aspiration, read this
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Feng Shui - Feng Shui for baby luck / descendent Luck

Feng Shui for descendent luck is one of the most seek after by feng shui practitioners beside wealth and health luck. Chinese have always treasure the important of having "Cai" (Wealth), "Ding" (Descendent) and "Shou" (Longevity) in their culture and practice of Feng Shui.

Chinese for centuries have treasure the important of having male descendent to carry on their blood lineage and family name. Most Chinese home will never forsake to activate or look after their descendent luck in Feng Shui commonly known as "Ding". Chinese never compromise on their descendent luck for other kinds of luck.

For a medically healthy couple, the feng shui of the bedroom can be one of the factors that causes the inability to conceive their own baby after many years of marriage. The feng shui of the bedroom or the location and direction of the bed would be the main factor beside the feng shui of the home.

Feng Shui Success Story by Jolie, Student of 1fengshui.com 

Jolie with 1st New Baby

 "After I have attended the Feng Shui Class, it benefits a lot on my business, family and friends. The first thing I tried is to shift my bedroom, rearrange the bed direction and ...... After a few months I discover Im pregnant, that I have been waiting for more than five years. This is the most unforgettable moment I had. Thanks to this Feng Shui Class.


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He incorporates life reading using 4 Pillars of Destiny (Paht Chee or BAZI) in Feng Shui analysis in order to improve his client's overall luck.



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