Feng Shui Site Selection
Feng Shui Site Selection for a residential plot of land to build a good feng shui house and for a business plot of land to build a business complex for fengshui clients is the most important and difficult task a feng shui consultant or feng shui master can do for his feng shui client.

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Feng Shui - Auspicious Site Selection

If you are a real estate investor, you would be most familiar with the 3 most important factors of property investment i.e "Location, location, location".

In Feng Shui, site selection is very important as per middle scroll of 'Qing Nang Jing', (Green Satchet Classic, Huang Shih Kung, 230 BC).

"Zi Wei is the emperor in Heaven,
He rules facing South,
Tian Shi at the Eastern Palace,
Xiao Wei in the Western Palace,
Tai Wei in the Southern Palace,
Together, they shine from the four directions"

Wherever you choose to buy or rent a house, the location is the most important factor. This is because the external landscape is something that we cannot change. We can enhance or cure the feng shui of the interior of our home or change the interior layout of our house or correct the landscape within our property. But we cannot change the external surrounding.


To select an auspicious site for your home, the following factors are important:

1) The house should sit on a site that is slightly elevated.

2) The Left (inside looking out) side of the house should have a higher undulating hills than the right side. The "green dragon" should be higher than the "white tiger".

3) There should be hills much higher than the "Green Dragon" at the back of the house. This is the "black turtle" providing protection and support for the home.


4) There should be an opened undulating plot of land in front of the house. It would be even more fortunate for the site if there is a meandering slow moving river with healthy vegetation on this opened plot of land.

5) At the other end of the plot of empty space there should be low hills symbolising the "crimson phoenix".

The formation describe above is like a low arm-chair formation with a low leg rest in front. Having such a formation is most fortunate.

Today's modern living is quite impossible to look for such a site. In cities, you have to be aware of the formation of buildings, gardens, roads, canals, drains and other man-made structures. Buildings is equivalent to hills and mountains. Roads is equivalent to rivers.

More Feng Shui Tips for Site Selection.


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