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Advanced Feng Shui Course

From this advanced feng shui course, you'll learn that stars in flying star feng shui are dynamic, they are alive and are living entities. The stars can be used to change our life and our destiny.

In this advanced feng shui course, the flying star feng shui formula never revealed before will be shared. The power of space and time dimension of feng shui will be taught in this advanced feng shui course.

Advanced Feng Shui Course

Learn the real secrets of Flying Stars Compass Feng Shui Formula
not taught by any other Feng Shui Master.

This is a 4 days intensive Feng Shui course taught by Feng Shui Master TY Tan personally in English.

Feng Shui Course Venue

Puchong (Suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Who should attend :     

If you wish to become a Professional Feng Shui consultant.

If you wish to feng shui your own house or business.

If you wish to learn authentic classical flying star feng shui.

If you wish to have Feng Shui skills that always work effectively.

If you wish to learn from a Feng Shui Master that does not hold back any secret.

Flying Star Feng Shui Course

This Feng Shui course will cover the following:

  • Fundamentals of Time & Space Feng Shui.

  • The Flying Stars Feng Shui Formula.

  • How to work with the dynamic Stars as a living entity for real effect?

  • Fu Yin, Fan Yin & Fu Mu San Ban Gua Structures.

  • Imprisoned Emperor in Feng Shui.

  • The Five Ghosts Carrying Gold Method.

  • Replacement Star Technique in Flying Star Feng Shui.

  • Zheng Shen, Ling Shen & Zhao Sheng Applications in Feng Shui.

  • The codes of a specially designed San Yuan & Xuan Kong Feng Shui Luo Pan in English will be taught.

  • How to take direction by using the "Sun Formula" with high accuracy for measring direction.

Learn the real secrets of Flying Star Feng Shui not revealed or taught by other Feng Shui Masters.

The Code of a specially designed San Yuan Feng Shui Luo Pan in English will be taught

Those who are already knowledgeable in Flying Stars Feng Shui Formula, will master the following Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui Techniques after the Advanced Feng Shui Course:

* How to use the 24 Mountains with the 8 Trigrams.
* How to use the Na Yin Wu Xing for money luck.
* How to take advantage or to avoid a Fu Yin, Fan Yin or Fu Mu San Ban Gua House.
* How to release the "Imprisoned Emperor" for Harmony & Prosperity.
* How & When to use the Replacement Star.
* How to locate Zheng, Ling & Zhao Shen in site selection.
How to measure direction by using the "Sun Formula" with high accuracy in measuring direction.

After this Feng Shui course, you'll learn
"Why your Feng Shui practice sometimes work and sometimes do not work in your past.

I will show you the secrets of "The Flying Stars Feng Shui Formula" and you will learn:-

  • How to enhance your wealth and income luck.

  • How to find the misfortune spot in your home.

  • How to suppress the misfortune energy.

  • How to understand what goes wrong in a home.

  • How to correct it, and tap on the good side of the stars.

  • How to update your home Feng Shui annually.

Understanding the Flying Stars Feng Shui formula is only the first step. I will show you how to work with the Stars effectively and how to activate the fortunate stars for immediate and long term effect.

After this Feng Shui course, you can enhance your wealth luck as a Feng Shui expert. You will be able to Feng Shui your own home to improve wealth luck for your entire family. You will have a complete knowledge of a well kept Feng Shui secret to improve your life, and to become a well-known Feng Shui Master.

Attend my eye-opening Feng Shui Course, and you'll be glad that you've attended !

The feng shui course's method:

All Feng Shui courses conducted at 1fengshui.com is conducted in English by Master TY Tan personally.

It is practical, simple & effective whereby;

                 feng_shui_courses                      feng_shui_courses         
    Feng Shui Theories                         Feng Shui Case Studies                      Discussion are moderated

    feng_shui_courses                     feng_shui_courses                     
    Feng Shui Practical                           Feng Shui Site Study                         Feng Shui Site Study 


     feng_shui_courses                    feng_shui_courses                        feng_shui_courses    
Feng Shui Case Study                                      Feng Shui Case Study                                          Feng Shui Case Study

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Feng Shui Practical                           Feng Shui Practical                            Feng Shui Practical 

   feng_shui_courses               feng_shui_courses                  
  Feng Shui Site Study                       Feng Shui Site Study                            Feng Shui Site Study            



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2005 Feng Shui Class                      2006 Feng Shui Class                        2007 Feng Shui Class 

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2008 Feng Shui Class 1                   2008 Feng Shui Class 2                      2008 Feng Shui Class 3

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2009 Feng Shui Class 1                           2009 Feng Shui Class 2                  2010 Feng Shui Class

2011 Feng Shui Class 1
              2011 Feng Shui Class2

March 2009 - Advanced Feng Shui Class
Day 3 and 4
Practical, Site Tours, House Visits, Case Studies


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August 2009 - Advanced Feng Shui Class
Day 3 and 4
Practical, Site Tours, House Visits, Case Studies


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August 2010 - Advanced Feng Shui Class
Day 3 and 4
Practical, Site Tours, House Visits, Case Studies


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Why study with TY Tan

If you want real teaching,
not some lecture dressed up as a real class.

If you want to have all your doubts answered,
not just apply what you are told.

If you want a worthwhile learning experience,
with lots of case studies and practical

If you want an in-depth knowledge of the subject,
as nothing is held back.

If you want a solid foundation and
new insights into what you already knew.

If you wish to only pay for your studies,
and not for luxurious and long tea-break
or expensive 5 stars hotel conference room.

If you have only training in your mind,
and not just attending another update seminar. 

If you want personal attention,
as all classes are kept small

Enroll early to avoid disappointment.

TY Tan ensure that you leave his class
with a complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

In case you need more than the first live class, TY Tan has the following:-

-         You can repeat any of the courses within 12 months with a 80% discount off the course fee.

-         If you wish to turn professional after completing the Master Feng Shui course, you can opt to take a 12 months Private Mentoring Program (PMP)
with TY Tan, whereby gu
idance and mentoring will be provided to assist you in setting up a professional practice. 


For "Classified Student" with a name to lose
Private one-to-one special Feng Shui course can be arranged for Feng Shui Professionals or Feng Shui Masters who wish to upgrade their Feng Shui skill but have great concern on their reputation. This one-to-one Feng Shui class will  be classified, and both Feng Shui teacher & Feng Shui student cannot and will not use each other name for publicity.  Email me to explore further. Please be direct by mentioning "Classified student" , so that all communication and information exchange will be classified.

For confidentiality, please do not call my office, email me as I personally handle my email box.


Day 1 : Fundamental of Flying Star Feng Shui

  • Introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui
  • He Tu & Luo Shu
  • Flying Star Formula

Day 2 : Advanced Flying Star Formula

  • Landform & Stars
  • Special Star Structures
  • How to use the dynamic stars
  • Special tools in Feng Shui
  • Rings of a Luo Pan
  • Practical Site Visit

Day 3 : Case Studies, Practical, Practical, Practical

  • Case Studies
  • Review Examination Paper
  • Practical case studies on students' house
  • Graduation



 An English decoded template of a Flying Star Luo Pan will be taught.
All students will be taught how to make his personal Luo Pan with the template.
Of course, students will be given their self-made Luo Pan.


Advanced Feng Shui course - 24th April 2011 (Day 3)
Practical, Site Tours, House Visits

feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course    

feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course 

feng_shui_course      feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course

Advanced Feng Shui course - 25th April 2011 (Day 4)
Case Studies of Students own houses

     feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course

feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course     feng_shui_course

Advanced Feng Shui course graduation - 25th April 2011


 Every student left our Feng Shui Courses with satisfaction & confidence !

I like the class because it is easy to understand especially with the many examples and cases given by Master Tan.

SL Tan, Malaysia



I like the class most because of the case study of student's own house and how to write a Feng Shui report. I recommend others to join as the fee is also very reasonable.

Rosie, Malaysia


The class is very good because of the many examples and we got a lot of opportunity for Q & A. The case study to feng shui our own house is worth many times the fee paid.

Wong Yau Kong, Malaysia


Anyboby who wish to learn feng shui should choose to learn from Master Tan because the course material and the way he presents makes it easy to understand. He is very experienced and you learn from the true master, himself. He conducted the class himself and it is value for money. My only wish is that I've attended this class earlier.

P. H. Yeoh, Malaysia



I have been practising Feng Shui on my own for many years and Master Tan has certainly enlighten my knowledge. to the finest detail. I highly recommend to newbies and also feng shui practitioners to attend this class.

Lena Kee, Malaysia


For the record, the money spent for this class was worth it. If anyone of you would like to learn more about feng shui,  I highly recommend, you to attend "1FengShui" class of Master Tan. His lecture is easy and clear to understand.

Menchie Nadal, Philippines


Advanced Feng Shui course - 16th October 2011







The class teaches real feng shui knowledge. I am very lucky that I have such a good Master. I am very thankful that you give me chance to learn from you.

S. R. Nerkar. Mumbai, India

  Every student left our Feng Shui Courses with satisfaction & confidence !

  For More stories from my students - Click Here


All Feng Shui Courses
are conducted in
English by TY Tan.


The No. 1 Feng Shui Training & Consulting Centre

63A, Jalan PU7/4,
Taman Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor


Online Course

The Advanced Feng Shui live class has been discontinued and is replaced with an online course with the same syllabus.

With technology and the internet, you can now learn Authentic Chinese Classical Feng Shui :-

  • At an affordable fee.

  • Without having to leave your home.

  • Without having to take leave from your work.

  • Without traveling and hotel accommodation expenses.

  • From the No 1 Chinese Feng Shui Trainer.

  • Course conducted in English

If you wish to learn Feng Shui in the comfort of your home, do not miss this online course. For more detail on the Online Advanced Feng Shui course, contact us at

Tel: 018-38 128 38 (WhatsApp)






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