Feng Shui Master Course
The ultimate feng shui course for Xuan Kong Feng Shui Masters.

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Feng Shui Master Course

(By invitation upon completion of the Advanced Feng Shui course)



The Ultimate Feng Shui Course

for Feng Shui Masters.


Learn the most guarded secrets of

"Water Dragon matching House"

and connecting "Water Dragon to People"

bringing whatever benefits

to you or your clients wish to have.


The ultimate skill of Feng Shui

in using Tien (Heaven), Ti (Earth) & Ren (Man)

making sure your "Feng shui Ju" always work.


Xuan Kong Feng Shui consists of two departments

  • Xuan Kong Fei Xing and

  • Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Xuan Kong Fei Xing technique without Xuan Kong Da Gua technique is incomplete. Xuan Kong Da Gua (Earth Qi) is the body (Ti ) and Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Heaven Qi) is the application (Yong).

Xuan Kong Fei Xing or Flying Stars Feng Shui has become popular ever since Qing Dynasty scholar Shen Zhu Reng introduced the method in his book (Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue). Xuan Kong Da Gua has been treated as the
most guarded secret, and is taught only to trusted indoor disciples at the last stage before the Master passed away. Therefore, it is not known to most people although most people have heard about it.

Xuan Kong Da Gua originates from the famous "Shao Yong" Square-Circle Diagram (Fang Yuan Tu). It is the map of Earth Qi Distribution. Xuan Kong Fei Xing uses the changing Heaven Qi Distribution.

Earth qi is yin, and therefore it is the body. Heaven qi is yang, and therefore it is the application. Body without application is useless. Application without the support of the body is ineffective. This is the reason why some people find Flying Stars sometimes work, and sometimes do not work. To ensure the effectiveness of flying stars application, the support of Earth Qi is needed.

Finally, for people to enjoy the fortunate Flying Stars (Heaven Qi) and Da Gua (Earth Qi) set-up or Ju, connecting the Ju to the people is needed. This is the ultimate secret of a complete Xuan Kong Feng Shui Formula. Otherwise, your Feng shui Ju sometimes works and sometimes does not. A good feng shui set-up is ineffective and meaningless if the goodness is not connected, and brought to the people.

Feng Shui Master Course

This course will cover the following Feng Shui formula:

  • How to use the 64 Hexagrams, not only the 8 Trigrams or the 24 mountains.

  • How to fine tune your main door direction for consistent money luck.

  • The secret of "Water Dragon matching House".

  • The secret of "House matching People".

  • How to set-up a matching Feng Shui Ju.

  • How to turn around a business by using Castle Gate Water Theory

  • The application of “Sheng-in" and "Ke-in" on prosperity.

  • How to select auspicious dates so that Heaven, Earth and Man can communicate.

  • The secret code of Wealth (Cai), Descendants (Ding) and Achievement (Gui), etc.

  • The secret codes of an English designed Xuan Kong Luo Pan will be taught.

  • How to locate wealth spot up to a fraction of a degree, with high degree of accuracy
    by using the Laser equipment designed by Master TY Tan.

Learn the most guarded secrets of Classical Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

The Secret of a Da Gua Luo Pan will be taught.        

 An English decoded Luo Pan (designed by Master TY Tan) on Fei Xing & Da Gua will be taught.
Click here for more detail on the Luo Pan.

After this Feng Shui course, you can enhance your wealth luck as a Feng Shui expert. You will be able to Feng Shui your own home to improve wealth luck for your entire family. You will have a complete knowledge of a well kept Feng Shui secret to improve your life, and to become a well-known Feng Shui Master.

Attend the ultimate Feng Shui Course, and you'll be glad that you've attended !

The Feng Shui course's method:

This Feng Shui course is conducted at 1fengshui.com in English and it is practical, simple & effective whereby;

                   feng_shui_courses                      feng_shui_courses         
    Theories are taught                             Case Studies are examined                  Discussion are moderated

feng_shui_courses                    feng_shui_courses                  feng_shui_courses
    Practical are conducted                       Site Study are conducted                       Site Study are explained 

It has cleared many of my doubts that I have before attending the course although I have read many books on feng shui, and even searched for other various sources from feng shui experts. My doubts and questions were only answered satisfactorily after I met Master TY Tan.

Next, I learned that using the technology to supplement thousand years of ancient Chinese metaphysics has opened up many possibilities. Looking forward to learn more from the Advance Master’s Course.

..... Felix, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Feng Shui Master Class 2008

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Past Feng Shui Master classes

Feng Shui Master Class 2008


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     feng_shui_courses         feng_shui_courses            feng_shui_courses


Feng Shui Master Class 2009


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feng_shui_courses        feng_shui_courses        feng_shui_courses        feng_shui_courses

Feng Shui Master Class 2010


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         feng_shui_courses            feng_shui_courses             feng_shui_courses          feng_shui_courses       

 feng_shui_courses            feng_shui_courses           feng_shui_courses            feng_shui_courses

Feng Shui Master Course
Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui Course


Who should attend :  
If you wish to become a Professional Feng Shui consultant.

If you wish to learn the Feng Shui skills that always work effectively.

If you wish to learn how to locate the wealth spot within the wealth trigram.

If you wish to learn the most powerful XKDG Date Selection Technique on activating the wealth dragon.


Why study with TY Tan

If you want real teaching,
not some lecture dressed up as a real class.

If you want to have all your doubts answered,
not just apply what you are told.

If you want a worthwhile learning experience,
with lots of case studies and practical

If you want an in-depth knowledge of the subject,
as nothing is held back.

If you want a solid foundation and
new insights into what you already knew.

If you wish to only pay for your studies,
and not for luxurious and long tea-break
or expensive 5 stars hotel conference room.

If you have only training in your mind,
and not just attending another update seminar. 

If you want personal attention,
as all classes are kept small

Enroll early to avoid disappointment.

TY Tan ensure that you leave his class
with a complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

In case you need more than the first live class, TY Tan has the following:-

-         You can repeat any of the courses within 12 months with a 80% discount off the course fee.

-         If you wish to turn professional after completing the Master Feng Shui course,
you can opt to take a 12 months Private Mentoring Program (PMP)
with TY Tan, whereby gu
idance and mentoring will be provided
to assist you in setting up a professional practice. 


For "Classified Student" with a name to lose
Private one-to-one special Feng Shui course can be arranged for Feng Shui Professionals or Feng Shui Masters who wish to upgrade their Feng Shui skill but have great concern on their reputation. This one-to-one Feng Shui class will  be classified, and both Feng Shui teacher & Feng Shui student cannot and will not use each other name for publicity.  Email me to explore further. Please be direct by mentioning "Classified student" , so that all communication and information exchange will be classified.

For confidentiality, please do not call my office, email me as I personally handle my email box.


Feng Shui Students' Testimonies:

There are few days already since we are along the same journey: the journey of sustained concentration, awareness, work and learning; the journey of melting our Qi together and exchange it - from teacher to student and back from student to teacher again. We were together in the journey where the Qi of the teacher, the Qi of the student and the Qi of knowledge became ONE. Finally, grace to the Master all this 'becoming one' came to the life.




Your course is much more detail compare to the course I have taken in Singapore. I really improve my knowledge in Feng Shui. I'm happy.

Kalyana, Singapore, Feng shui Master Class 2009



Attend this ultimate Feng Shui class and
you will know the difference

Feng Shui Master Course
Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui Course

Feng Shui Master's Class is held once a year.

Every student left my class with satisfaction & confidence !
For More stories from my Feng Shui students - Click Here

All Feng Shui Courses
are conducted in
English by TY Tan.


The No. 1 Feng Shui Training & Consulting Centre

63A, Jalan PU7/4,
Taman Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor


Online Course

The Master Feng Shui live class has been discontinued and is replaced with an online course with the same syllabus.

With technology and the internet, you can now learn Authentic Chinese Classical Feng Shui :-

  • At an affordable fee.

  • Without having to leave your home.

  • Without having to take leave from your work.

  • Without traveling and hotel accommodation expenses.

  • From the No 1 Chinese Feng Shui Trainer.

  • Course conducted in English

If you wish to learn Feng Shui in the comfort of your home, do not miss this online course. For more detail on the Online Master Feng Shui course, contact us at

Tel: 018-38 128 38 (WhatsApp)


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