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   Free Paht Chee Charting

Free Charting of your Paht Chee (4 Pillars / Bazi)

Time Zone (Optional)

Longitude (Optional)

Your Paht Chee will be calculated according to the Time Zone
you selected for your birth place.
Please adjust to Standard Local Time if there was Day Light Savings Time.
Longitude of your birth place is needed to calculate exact local time.
Enter the longitude as a value between -180 and 180.
Use negative values for places West of the Greenwich meridian
(For example New York: -74 , Kuala Lumpur: 103)







Paht Chee Chart (4 Pillars / Bazi)

ConceptionHour DayMonth Year 

10 Years Luck Periods


For Professional Life Reading of your Paht Chee, email TY Tan for rate.

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