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Articles written for Golf Malaysia Magazine - Malaysia Leading Golf Magazine

feng_shui_for_golfers   feng_shui_for_golfers   feng_shui_for_golfers   feng_shui_for_golf_courses   feng_shui_for_golf_courses   feng_shui_for_golf_courses   feng_shui_for_golf_courses

Collection of Articles written by TY Tan for Golf Malaysia Magazine, the leading magazine for Golfers.

May 2008 :  Feng Shui for Golfers

June 2008 : Auspicious Keys To Build

July 2008 :  Building your own Home

August 2008 :  The Colours of Feng Shui

September 2008 : Water Energy for Financial Success

October 2008 :   Water Feng Shui for Income & Wealth

November 2008 :  External Natural Water Dragon

December 2008 : Exterior Artificial Water Dragon

January 2009 :  2009 - The Year of the OX

February 2009 : Interior Water Dragon

March 2009 :
Water Mouth as Wealth Enhancer

April 2009 : Feng Shui of South 1 Facing House

June 2009 :   Feng Shui of South West 1 Facing House

August 2009 :  Was MJ's passing untimely?

September 2009 : Feng Shui of South West 2/3 facing House

November 2009 : 
Feng Shui of West 2/3 facing House


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